10 Old School Fighter Tattoos

10 Old School Fighter Tattoos

Want a tattoo to show your grit and toughness? Then what better design than old school fighter tattoos!
Inspired by the notorious bare-knuckle boxers and prize fighters of the late 19th and early 20th century these old school fighter tattoos are filled with toughness and courage. A great choice for either a classic traditional design or neo-traditional piece - fighter tattoos have all the charisma and energy a badass tattoo needs. Striking and in your face these fighter tattoos will leave you wanting your own, so be sure to give them a good look to get that sweet tattoo inspiration...
If you decide to get your very own fighter tattoo then remember to let Tattoodo give you a hand in getting the custom design you want!
Fighter Tattoo by Fabio Ventura
Fighter Tattoo by Jeremy Cook
Fighter Tattoo by Justin Charlie Schmidt
Fighter Tattoo by Kris Close
Fighter Tattoo by Lello Scarienzo
Fighter Tattoo by Miss Quartz
Fighter Tattoo by Peter Svensson
Fighter Tattoo by Rob Rutherford
Fighter Tattoo by Sigbjørn Tattoo
Fighter Tattoo, artist unknown
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