10 Postcard Tattoos For Lifelong Vacationer

10 Postcard Tattoos For Lifelong Vacationer

Don't just send postcards, keep permanent memories of your travels with postcard tattoos!
"Wish you were here" is a classic catch phrase of postcards. We love sending them as well as receiving them. Some people even collect them, dreaming of travels and vacations... But if you are a lifelong vacationer, you can get postcard tattoos! They can help you to remember a fantastic travel or to show the place you belong to. Postcard tattoos can make charming designs for landscape tattoos. Travellers will enjoy these original and creative ideas for cool postcard tattoos...
Realistic postcard tattoos by Andy Pho.
Cool one by Ash Hochman.
Sweet composition by Barry Barsamian.
Postcard style lettering by Brian Bocker.
By Chloe O'Malley.
Chloe O'Malley too.
Poetic tattoo by Gabri Pais.
Made at Lucky Devil Tattoos&Piercings.
Charming piece by Mel Perlman.
Awesome tattoo by Tyler Nolan!
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