10 Prosperous Jin Chan Tattoos

10 Prosperous Jin Chan Tattoos

If you're after a little good fortune and prosperity then Jin Chan tattoos will be right up your street!
Jin Chan ("Golden Toad") is a traditional Chinese creature of myth that is said to bring good fortune and prosperity. A Feng Shui charm of prosperity, Jin Chan is often known as a 'money toad' and is said to appear in a full moon near houses or businesses that will soon receive good news. The good news is largely believed to relate to wealth. Within traditional Chinese legend Jin Chan was the wife of one of the Eight Immortals, but was transformed into a toad after stealing the Peaches of Immortality. Often depicted as a large bull frog with red eyes, three legs and sitting on top of a pile of money Jin Chan has become a popular tattoo design.
Jin Chan tattoos symbolize good fortune and like the Feng Shui beliefs hold that Jin Chan helps attract and protect wealth whilst guarding against bad luck. Commonly done in a colorful oriental style Jin Chan tattoos are bold design with a great meaning, so if you're after a tattoo to bring a little luck your way then Jin Chan tattoos may be the way to go! Checkout these Jin Chan tattoos for some awesome inspiration!
Jin Chan Tattoo by @woodzart
Jin Chan Tattoo by Alicia Lauren
Jin Chan Tattoo by Biee Sae-Tang
Jin Chan Tattoo by Chris Senn
Jin Chan Tattoo by Jeff Cribb
Jin Chan Tattoo by Joel Stenlund
Jin Chan Tattoo by Matt Hart
Jin Chan Tattoo by Mathew Flower
Jin Chan Tattoo by Mutsuo
Jin Chan Tattoo by Tan Ngo
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