10 Solid Shark Rose Tattoos

10 Solid Shark Rose Tattoos

Powerful and fierce yet beautiful and elegant, shark rose tattoos are striking tattos with great imagery and effect!
The rose is the classic of all classic tattoo designs, they have been tattooed for decades and have never lost their beauty or effect. They also hold the amazing quality of being able to go with any other tattoo imagery and look good while doing it. One of the best designs featuring a rose is the shark and a rose. A somewhat underrated design shark rose tattoos often follow the Ed Hardy 'morph' style and look totally awesome. The power and ferocity of the shark is contrasted beautifully with the elegant and symbolic rose to create one stunning design!
Checkout these 10 solid shark rose tattoos and get some cool inspiration. If inspired enough to get your own shark rose tattoo then let Tattoodo help by creating you a sweet custom design!!
Shark Rose Tattoo by Brie Felts
Shark Rose Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
Shark Rose Tattoo by Channing Worden
Shark Rose Tattoo by Daniel Wall
Shark Rose Tattoo by Eric Diaz
Shark Rose Tattoo by Michael Beliveau
Shark Rose Tattoo by Tim McAlary
Shark Rose Tattoo by Anthony Cole
Shark Rose Tattoo by Zoey Ramone
Shark Rose Tattoo, artist unknown
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