10 Spirited Kookaburra Tattoos

10 Spirited Kookaburra Tattoos

An unusual choice for a bird tattoo Kookaburras actually make some really cool tattoos!
While not as prominent as the Emu the Kookaburra is a bird strongly associated with Australia and the countries wildlife. A type of kingfisher the Kookaburra is native to both Australia and New Guinea. Growing between 28–42 cm the Kookaburra is famed for its loud call that has a striking resemblance to echoing human laughter. As far as bird tattoos go, the Kookaburra is certainly not a popular option, but that doesn't mean they don't look good!
Kookaburras make as good a tattoo as any other bird and these tattoos prove it. Whether done in a traditional or portrait realism style Kookaburra tattoos are great fun and make for some entertaining viewing. Give these 10 spirited Kookaburra tattoos some time and see why this little bird can create some big body art! Enjoy!!
Kookaburra by Heath Nock
Kookaburra Tattoo by Angus Wood
Kookaburra by Chapel Tattoo
Kookaburra Tattoo by Heath Nock
Kookaburra by Jamie Randall
Kookaburra by JK Tattoo NY
Kookaburra Tattoo by Mark Lording
Kookaburra by Vic Market Tattoos
Kookaburra Tattoo, artist unknown
Kookaburra by Mark Lording
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