10 Sweet Puffin Tattoos

10 Sweet Puffin Tattoos

Puffin tattoos are charming and sweet design that make some colorful body art!
Puffins are any of the three small species of alcids (auks) in the bird genus Fratercula, and are widely recognized for their colorful beaks. Predominantly black or black and white puffins have a multicolored beak during breeding season and it is this feature they are most known for. Stocky bird puffins have short wings that are adapted for swimming with a flying technique underwater. Generally a low flying bird puffins stay close to the water while in the air and flap the wings up to 400 times a minute!! They also make a cool tattoo subject.
The black feathers and colorful beak of the puffin make puffins a great tattoo choice due to the bold effect they create when put in ink. Definitely a bird tattoo worth seeing, if not having, puffin tattoos are both sweet and charming, while also a fun tattoo to look at. Enjoy these 10 puffin tattoos and see why they are so special!
Puffin Tattoo by Alexis Colombo
Puffin Tattoo by Candi Kinyōbi
Puffin Tattoo by Fruduva
Puffin Tattoo by Jaks Gock Pearce
Puffin Tattoo by Joe Frost
Puffin Tattoo by Lewis Mckechnie
Puffin Tattoo by Mike G
Puffin Tattoo by Paula Herne
Puffin Tattoo by Raphael Tiraf
Puffin Tattoo by Sagie Tatuering
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