10 Terrific Zhong Kui Tattoos

10 Terrific Zhong Kui Tattoos

Inspired by a legendary figure in Chinese mythology these Zhong Kui tattoos are outstanding!
Zhong Kui, (Shoki in Japanese traditions) is a legendary figure in Chinese mythology and one hell of a tattoo subject. The vanquisher of ghosts, evil beings and demons Zhong Kui is said to have the power to command an army of 80,000 demons when summoned!! Zhong Kui's image is often painted onto the fronts of house holds gates as a protective guardian spirit. A fearsome and powerful being Zhong Kui is commonly known as the 'Demon Queller' and is a figure in Chinese mythology who holds much respect. He also inspires some sick tattoos!
Tattooed with an oriental flair Zhong Kui tattoos are bright, vivid and intense. With a Japanese style Zhong Kui tattoos look awesome and make a great tattoo choice, whether you go big with a backpiece or keep it small on the arm Zhong Kui tattoos are a terrific choice and won't disappoint. Take a look at these brilliant Zhong Kui tattoos and see why the Demon Queller looks awesome in ink!!
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Anthony Dubois
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Dave Fox
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Denis Fabris
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Hideaki Kitahori
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Jason Lambert
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Jose Gonzalez
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Sándor Jordan
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Steve Barjonah
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Scotty Kelly
Zhong Kui Tattoo by Sean Drumm