10 Unassumingly Awesome Cockroach Tattoos

10 Unassumingly Awesome Cockroach Tattoos

These 10 cockroach tattoos turn out to be really awesome! Have a look and rekindle some love and empathy towards the poor creature.
Tattoo by Nick the Tailor
Fun Tattoo on the head by Tony Hundahl, done at Rock of Ages tattoo
Tattoo rendered beautifully by Jessica Mach
Cockroach tattoo
FASCINATING FACT: Cockroaches can live without their heads for weeks! Why? Because they have an open circulatory system. So as long as the wound clots normally and doesn't bleed the life out of the roach, it will be fine!
Cool blackwork tattoo by unknown artist
Very realistic cockroach tattoo
Trippy and colorful cockroach
Realistic cockroach
Cockroach tattoo
TRIVIA: Cockroaches can eat just about ANYTHING and can survive for weeks without food! They are such survivors that they've been here since the era of dinosaurs!
Spectacular front piece tattoo of a giant cockroach by unknown artist.
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