11 Entertaining Sword Swallower Tattoos

11 Entertaining Sword Swallower Tattoos

Sword swallower tattoos capture the energy and excitement of very risky performance art!
The act and performance of sword swallowing has been performed for thousands of years. Originating from south India around 2000BC the first sword swallowers performed the act as a demonstration of divine union and power. Over time, the practice spread and a few centuries later it had become an act in Japanese acrobatic theater - such a circus setting is where many will have seen or heard of sword swallowing. Still regularly performed sword swallowing is a very risky and dangerous performance that takes years of training.
With sword swallowing being such an intriguing and edgy form of entertainment it obviously makes a great tattoo subject. Sword swallower tattoos put the danger and excitement of sword swallowing into some badass body art. Best done in a bold and colorful traditional style sword swallower tattoos certainly provide some great viewing. So sit back and feel the love of the circus with these entertaining sword swallower tattoos!
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Brooke Cook
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Chris Fernandez
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Chris Shockley
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Ivan Antonyshev
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Jacob Wiman
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Les Collier
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Levi Murphy
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Michael Boyle
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Phil Kraft
Sword Swallower Tattoo, artist unknown
Sword Swallower Tattoo by Rafa Decraneo
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