11 Fancy Snail Tattoos

11 Fancy Snail Tattoos

Snail tattoos are bold design that holds more meaning than you might think!
Snails are often seen as small and slow, creatures that live an unhurried life and rush for nothing. In the Christian tradition the deadly sin of 'sloth' was often represented by a snail, yet snails have much more significant meanings in other cultures. The Aztecs associated the snail with the moon, rebirth and the cycle of life. In fact the moon god Tecciztecatl wore a snail shell on his back. In Ancient Greece snails were used in agriculture, a snail climbing a stalk showed the time of harvest.
Snail tattoos are not just symbol of laziness and deliberation. Instead they can be a symbol of rebirth, death and even self-sufficiency, they also look pretty cool. Snail tattoos are best done in a bold and colorful traditional style that captures the quirky beauty of this sluggish creature and turns it into some sweet body art. Checkout these 11 fancy snail tattoos and enjoy!!
Snail Tattoo by @sweetteatahlz
Snail Tattoo by Black Sails Tattoo
Snail Tattoo by Dave Borjes
Snail Tattoo by Fist Full Of Metal Tattoo
Snail Tattoo by Jackie Huertas
Snail Tattoo by Ibi Rothe
Snail Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Snail Tattoo by Marta Messina
Snail Tattoo, unknown artist
Snail Tattoo by Michele Ianni
Snail Tattoo, unknown artist
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