11 Fantastic Bell Tattoos

11 Fantastic Bell Tattoos

Fantastic and loud these bell tattoos will give you some awesome inspiration for your very own bell design!
Historically bells were used and rung as part of religious celebrations and rituals, however over time their use widened and they became a popular instrument as well as being used to signify important milestones such as a monarchs death. Symbolically the bell is seen to represent peace and freedom but in tattooing terms, it actually has a darker meaning. Within prisons, specifically Russian, a bell tattoo is a sign of a sentence served in full... Of course your tattoo doesn't have to mean that!
Bells are a popular tattoo design and more often than not are tattooed in a bold traditional style. A number of bell tattoos depict the bell as having a large crack, a subtle reference to the Liberty Bell; one of the most iconic bells in American and world history!
Whether inspired by the Liberty Bell, or any other bell for that matter, bell tattoos are a fine tattoo choice and can look awesome when done right.
Bell Tattoo by Craig Chazen
by Curt Baer
by David Agostino
Bell Tattoo by Jakub Settgast
Bell Tattoo by Kyle Giffen
by Myke Chambers
Bell Tattoo by Phil Hatchet-Yau
by Dannii Garbiras
by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Bell Tattoo by Steve Fawley
by Xam