11 Fascinating Space Monkey Tattoos

11 Fascinating Space Monkey Tattoos

Combine your love of space travel and chimps with some awesome Space Monkey tattoos!!
Before humans took the bold step and ventured into space researchers did the next best thing and launched monkeys into orbit. With the intention of investigating the effects of space travel monkeys were used as human substitutes and dozens of them were sent to the stars. Between the late 1940s-1960s the USA launched a number of monkeys into space, through the 1980s-90s Russia followed suit and launched a total of 32 monkeys!! What better way to celebrate the bold step these monkeys took than with a kickass space monkey tattoo!
Space Monkey tattoos often incorporate a monkey wearing a spacesuit and lets face it, that's all you need for an awesome tattoo. A great choice for a colorful new school tattoo space monkey tattoos are certainly an acquired taste, but even if you don't want your own you can still enjoy these brilliant space monkey tattoos we're bringing you!!
Space Monkey Tattoo by Aaron Springs
Space Monkey Tattoo by Ben T. Fiedler
Space Monkey Tattoo by Cesar Rincon
Space Monkey Tattoo by Marco Skizzo
Space Monkey Tattoo by Matt Hays
Space Monkey Tattoo by Patrick Haller
Space Monkey Tattoo by Robert Borbas
Space Monkey Tattoo by Sam Fiorino
Space Monkey Tattoo by Sean Johnston
Space Monkey Tattoo, artist unknown
Space Gorilla Tattoo by Matt Curzon