11 Leafy Tattoos Of Devoted Kale Lovers

11 Leafy Tattoos Of Devoted Kale Lovers

This post is definitely vegan-friendly as we present to you some of the coolest and oddest tattoos kale lovers have gotten so far!

Some people have the weirdest fixations on vegetables but tattooed people take their obsessions to another level. Besides, have you heard about this thing about Whole Foods' plan to add tattoo parlors in selected branches with an effort to attract millennials? Nice way to step up the game, Whole Foods! You can finally get a tattoo with your kale. It's the future, everyone.

Leafy Tattooby Rachel Gilbert (IG: inkstress)
Scapegoat Tattoo
by Courtney Blazon
by Nhan Huynh
by Meg Felix
Artist unknown.
by Pony Reinhardt
by Simon Drolet
Artist unknown.
Kale tattoo of Autumn Mayer
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