11 Stylish Traditional Girl Tattoos by Michele Ianni

11 Stylish Traditional Girl Tattoos by Michele Ianni

You simple can't beat some old school tattooing, so enjoy these stylish traditional girl tattoos by Michele Ianni!
Females are iconic image of classic tattooing and one of the enduring designs that will forever be popular. A traditional girl tattoo is something that just can't be beaten, no matter how many decades pass an old school style tattoo of a woman will always be a welcome sight. Timeless and stylish traditional girl tattoos are always a great tattoo choice so why not get some inspiration from these traditional girl tattoos by artist Michele Ianni.
Tattooing from Old Memories Tattoo, Lugo, Italy, tattoo artist Michele Ianni produces some quality traditional tattoos, with old school women being some of the finest!
Stylish traditional girl portrait #MicheleIanni
Blackwork girl portrait #MicheleIanni
Blackwork girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
Traditional girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
Girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
Awesome girl portrait #MicheleIanni
Traditional love girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
Beautiful girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
Traditional oldschool girl portrait #MicheleIanni
Traditional girl portrait with tiger #MicheleIanni
Traditional girl tattoo #MicheleIanni
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