11 Tattoos For The True Computer Geeks

11 Tattoos For The True Computer Geeks

These are the type of tattoos everyone loves but only the true computer geeks will get it inked.
So, if you are a computer guy looking for that kind ink that defines you, have a look at our collection of tattoos for the true computer geeks and get inspired.
Nice ignorant computer, via @ignorantstyletattoo
Mr Computer man, by Andrew Tran
The computer's ey. by Arianna Seth
Nothing says computer geek more than the entire life in a floppy disk, by David Shrigley
True computer gamers love this one! by James at Artatorture SF
A nice Intel board, because are nothing without our brains! by Salem at Eye Of The Tiger Tattoos
This psychedelic computer trip sleeve is amazing! by Tyos
If you are a Mac lover, this is the one! Artist Unknown
Even computer geeks want money! Artist Unknown
Nice cool keyboard ink! Artist Unkown
Amazing graphical computer piece! by Vanderrfuss
If you still want to see more geek ink, make sure to check this out!
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