12 Adventurous Armadillo Tattoos

12 Adventurous Armadillo Tattoos

A symbol of Texas the armadillo also makes some sweet tattoos! Enjoy!!
The armadillo was adopted as the official 'small mammal' of Texas in 1995 but has a much longer cultural history. Aztecs called the armadillo 'āyōtōchtli' meaning 'turtle-rabbit' and held it in high regard. The word armadillo actually translates as "little armored one" in Spanish, this clearly being an acknowledgement of the bony shield that covers its back. When attacked the armadillo will curl into a ball and protect itself using these nine bony plates.
Not only limited to just Texas the armadillo has a strong association with the American Southwest and Latin America. A symbol of survival and toughness armadillos happen to make a sweet tattoo idea. Best done in a bold traditional style armadillo tattoos are a cool and creative design that isn't an everyday piece. So if you're after a quirky and uncommon animal tattoo then the armadillo maybe the way to go. Checkout these awesome armadillo tattoos for some solid inspiration!
Armadillo Tattoo by Abel Sanchez
Armadillo Tattoo by Chiara Pina
Armadillo Tattoo by Danny Crowns
Armadillo Tattoo by Ian Bederman
Armadillo Tattoo by Jason Call
Armadillo Tattoo by Jay Soos
Armadillo Tattoo by John Sunderland
Armadillo Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Armadillo Tattoo by Leeuh Vandever
Armadillo Tattoo by Mike Lugosi
Armadillo Tattoo by Tristan Bradshaw
Armadillo Tattoo by Wes Pratt
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