12 Brave St Joan Of Arc Tattoos

12 Brave St Joan Of Arc Tattoos

A tribute to one of the bravest woman of history and religion: St Joan of Arc tattoos.
Among the icons of history and Christian religion, the story of this French shepherdess becoming a bold maiden warrior is certainly the most popular. Jehanne d'Arc or Jeanne d'Arc, as she is known in France, her country, is a national symbol. The saint, burned by the Church and the English authorities, was later sanctified. She became a symbol of courage, honor and fight for justice. She was a role model during WWI, and is still celebrated worldwide for her dedication, purity and faith.
Joan of Arc tattoos are a tribute to this fascinating figure. Often coveted in France (but also in other countries), they are inspired by French Fine Arts, including paintings, engravings, as well as churches' statues and stained-glass. A proof of female strength and of the power of faith, Joan of Arc tattoos are always inspiring and beautiful.
Gorgeous neo traditional portrait by Alix Gé.
Another one by Asia Rain.
Great helmet by Chelsea Rhea.
Beautiful engraving style made at Hidden Moon Tattoo.
Work in progress on this traditional piece by Lisa del Toro.
Work in progress for this stained-glass inspired piece by Mikaël de Poissy.
Among the famous stained-glass backpiece of Mikaël de Poissy, there is indeed a Joan of Arc one.
See more Joan of Arc tattoos in Mikaël de Poissy's portolio.
Old school by Miss Arianna.
Epic battle scene by Mulie Addlecoat.
Vibrant piece by Sir Daniel, inspired by a painting of Eugene Thirion.
Great one by Steven Kerr.
Inspiring tattoo by Zsolt Sárközi.
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