12 Charming Moomin Tattoos

12 Charming Moomin Tattoos

Charming, cute and endearing, moomin tattoos are certain to brighten up anyones day!
Moomins were first brought to life in 1945 by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. They have since been the subject of numerous books, comic strips and animated series. The series is centered around "several eccentric and oddly-shaped characters, some of whom are related to each other". Somewhat resembling small white hippos the moomins live in Mooinvalley and have been on countless adventures and explorations, they are also the subject of some charming tattoos!
Moomin tattoos are as cute and quaint as they come. Often done in a illustrative etching style moomin tattoos capture the pleasant nature of the moomins and put it into some sweet body art. If you like tattoos that touch upon your childhood memories and stir up some pleasant nostalgia then moomin tattoos will definitely be something for you to enjoy!
Moomin Spaceship Tattoo by Matt Cooley
Moomin Tattoo by @lordenstein
Moomin Tattoo by Bert Thomas
Moomin Tattoo by Ella Bell
Moomin Tattoo by Matt Cooley
Moomin Tattoo by Matt Finch
Moomin Tattoo by Miguel Fernandes
Moomin Tattoo by Riikka
Moomin Tattoo by Zoe Clark
Moomin Tattoo by Silje Roe Hagland
Moomin Tattoo by Voodoo Lou
Moomin Tattoo by Zoe Clark
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