12 Classy Cuff Tattoos

12 Classy Cuff Tattoos

Want a stylish and fashionable wrist tattoo? The get some sweet inspiration from these classy cuff tattoos!
Settling on a wrist tattoo can be a little tricky and some external inspiration is always a big help, thankfully we've got you covered with these awesome cuff tattoos. It's a tattoo that wraps around your entire wrist, and while they are similar to bracelet tattoos they are usually bigger, bolder and more traditional in style. Often done to create a clean finish on a traditional sleeve cuff tattoos can also look great as a stand alone tattoo.
Great in both color and blackwork cuff tattoos are a versatile design that looks cool. Easily covered by a sleeve they can be covered when necessary, but with a cool tattoo like these cuff designs that'll never be a requirement. Cuff tattoos are an awesome tattoo design that stands out and impresses.
Blast Over Cuff Tattoo by Bastien Jean
by Bastien Jean
Cuff by Jemma Jones
by Josh Foulds
Cuff Tattoo by Miles Foxworthy
by Olivia Dawn
Floral Cuff Tattoo by Bastien Jean
by Rich Hadley
Cuff by Sway Tattooer
Cuff by Szeszu
Ankle Cuff by Rich Hadley
Cuff Tattoo by Bastien Jean
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