12 Conquering Napoleon Tattoos

12 Conquering Napoleon Tattoos

Napoleon tattoos are for all the fans of History and badass looking royals...
Napoleon the first is one of the most famous historical characters of all time, far beyond the borders of France. Napoléon Bonaparte, his real name, was first a military man, renown for his cunning and ambition. He soon became legendary, both for his life and death, but also for his iconic look. Napoleon is at the same time both a dark, fascinating and romantic figure, and he has inspired hundreds of artists, poets and painters. And he could indeed be an inspiration for a tattoo too.
He is a symbol of France, but also of ambition, boldness and of cleverness. History buffs will indeed sport their Napoleon tattoos, but also those who think hard work and courage can make you succeed. Want to see some badass looking historical figures? Then check out these conquering Napoleon tattoos...
Black and grey by Teodor Milev.
Neo traditional by Oscar Moon.
Emperor by Mewo Llama.
Realistic zombie by Maurycy Szymczak.
Gorgeous dotwork by Kamil Czapiga.
Naive style by Jaca.
By Boris, inspired by the famous painting of Jacques-Louis David.
By Bartosz Panas.
New school skeleton by Amir Husky.
Fantastic piece by Alix Gé!
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