12 Dark Traditional Bat Tattoos

12 Dark Traditional Bat Tattoos

Bat tattoos are always a winner and traditional bat tattoos are some of the best!
Throughout European history bats have been associated with witchcraft, black magic and darkness. The nocturnal nature of the bat combined with its somewhat eerie appearance makes it quite the intriguing creature of the night. A large part of the dark nature associated with bats comes from their usage in culture, in Shakespeare's Macbeth the three witches put bat fur in their brew. Likewise, in the Aztec tradition bats are a symbol of the dead and the underworld...Aside from Batman, it's hard to find a positive use of the bat, that is except for bat tattoos!
Bat tattoos take the mysterious creature of the night and turn it into some killer body art. One of the best ways to get a bat tattooed is in a bold traditional style that highlights the striking nature bats have. Intense, yet beautiful, traditional bat tattoos are quite the tattoo and these 12 dark tattoos will have you wanting your own!!
Traditional Bat Dagger Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Traditional Bat Hand Tattoo by Mick Gore
Traditional Bat Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
Traditional by Gre Hale
Traditional Bat Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Tattoo by Sway Tattooer
Traditional Bat Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Tattoo by Matt Cooley
Tattoo by Austin Maples
Traditional Bat Head Tattoo by Mick Gore
Bat Head Tattoo by Morten Transeth
Traditional Bat Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
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