12 Fresh Seal Tattoos

12 Fresh Seal Tattoos

Want a funky and fresh ocean inspired tattoo, then look no further than these seal tattoos!
Seals, or more specifically Pinnipeds, are widely distributed semiaquatic marine mammals that make for some cool tattoos. There are currently 33 extant species of pinnipeds but for the most part the term 'seal' refers to the 'earless' or 'true seal' species. Spread across the globe seals have for centuries been depicted in art and mythology in a number of different cultures. One of the earliest Ancient Greek coins featured the head of seal and the creatures were also mentioned by Aristotle and Homer. A widely recognized animal seals have become a popular tattoo subject and we're going to show you why.
A great subject for almost any style of tattoo seals certainly make some cool ink. Seal tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and these fresh seal tattoos will have you wanting your own design in no time. Enjoy!!
Satan Seal Tattoo by Iain Sellar
Seal Tattoo by @victor_aka_chili
Seal Tattoo by Hannah Wilson
by Gaia Leone
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess
Seal Tattoo by Nakota Garza
by Pepa Heller
Tattoo by Shaun Bonanos
by Sulhong Tattooer
Seal Tattoo by Suzi Q
by Teide Tattoo
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