12 Magical Golden Snitch Tattoos

12 Magical Golden Snitch Tattoos

Harry Potter fans can show their love of Quidditch with these magical golden snitch tattoos!
The Golden Snitch, or simply Snitch, is the third smallest ball in the traditional wizarding game of Quidditch. A small gold colored sphere with silver wings the Snitch flies around the Quidditch pitch, occasionally stopping to hover in mid air. Within the game it is the role of the Seeker to catch the Golden Snitch and win the game, the Snitch being worth 150 points!!
As many die hard Harry Potter fans will know the Golden Snitch was first introduced into the game in 1269 and was not a small winged sphere but a bird called a Golden Snidget, these Golden Snitch tattoos however stay true to the Snitch we know and love!
Golden Snitch tattoos are a great Harry Potter tattoo choice. A cool and subtle choice that can be tattooed in any style you like! Get some inspiration from these magical Golden Snitch tattoos and see why Harry Potter ink is rapidly becoming one of tattooings most popular subjects!
by CJ Orazi
Golden Snitch Tattoo by Dave Hoffman
by Diana DeAugustine
Underboob snitch by Fernando Chiu
Abstract one by Josie Sexton
Golden Snitch Tattoo by Konsi
great colors by Marc Jackson
Golden Snitch Tattoo by Michelle Tattooer
Watercolor style by Russell Van Schaick
Golden Snitch Tattoo by Sami Locke
Golden Snitch Tattoo by Terrarium Tattoo
Snitch Tattoo by Troy Mort
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