12 Pleasant Badger Tattoos

12 Pleasant Badger Tattoos

Cute and charming animal tattoos are always a great choice of ink, badger tattoos are one such tattoo!
With their black and white fur, short legs and round bodies badgers have long been the subject of books, poems, stories and legends. Often seen as somewhat of a pest badgers have long been held as a nuisance animal, although badgers are capable of being tamed and even kept as pets! A badger tattoo is however still the safer option.
As realistic or imaginative as you like this animal makes for some sweet body art.With their distinctive fur and markings badgers are a perfect subject for a tattoo, and while they have no specific meaning or symbolism they are frequently seen as a symbol of nature and wild life. So if small wild animals are your thing then you'll love these tattoos!
Badger Fox Tattoo by Stephen Elstone
by Fraser Peek
by Gabbie Vasquez
Badger Tattoo by Henry Quiles
by Isobel Juliet Stevenson
Traditional one by Jason Phillips
Colorful badger by Martyna Popiel
Badger Tattoo by Matt Lambdin
by Matt Webb
by Old London Road Tattoos
Badger Tattoo by Tan Van Den Broek
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