12 Resolute Ship Tattoos by Zooki

12 Resolute Ship Tattoos by Zooki

Ship tattoos will always be appreciated and these ship tattoos by tattoo artist Zooki are the perfect example!
Tattooing from The Sailors Grave, Copenhagen, tattoo artist Zooki produces some of the cleanest and brightest traditional tattoos around and what better way to show you their talents than with some awesome ship tattoos! Ship tattoos are one of the classic old school tattoo designs and are perhaps the ultimate nautical tattoo design. Inspired by the impressive sea vessels used at the height of maritime exploration Zooki's ship tattoos are awesome!
Remember to show Zooki some love and appreciation over on Instagram and see more of their brilliant tattoos. Right now however you can enjoy some exceptional and resolute ship tattoos! Enjoy!!
Awesome ship back tattoo by Zooki
Beautiful tattoo by Zooki
Homeward Bound, ship tattoo, lettering tattoo by Zooki
Awesome ocean inspired ship tattoo
Creative ship with flowers tattoo
Tattoo by Zooki
Awesome ship hand tattoo
Tattoo by Zooki
Amazing ship tattoo by Zooki
Tattoo by Zooki
Awesome ship tattoo by Zooki
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