12 Ruthless Ice Hockey Tattoos

12 Ruthless Ice Hockey Tattoos

If contact sports on ice are your thing, then you're gonna love these ice hockey tattoos!
The modern form of ice hockey was established in Canada around 1875 and has become one of the most iconic sports in the world. Of course with ice hockey being a contact sport and the players moving at speeds of 20-30 mph it's safe to say injuries happen and ice hockey has gained a reputation for being a very physical game. Along with that risk of injury however comes great passion and loyalty. Hockey is a fierce sport and its fans are equally as intense, some even sport some bold ice hockey tattoos!
Ice hockey tattoos are inspired by any number of subjects, from hockey sticks and pucks to masks and ice skates. As bold and striking as the sport itself ice hockey tattoos will standout and impress and are by far one of the coolest sports tattoos to get.
If you're a hockey lover then these tattoos will certainly give you some sweet inspiration for your own strong hockey tattoo!! Enjoy!
Hockey Player Tattoo by Chris Byrne
Hockey Tattoo by Steve Oker
Hockey Skull Tattoo by Zach Roman
Hockey Tattoo by Antoine Paul
Hockey Tattoo by Chris Phillip Martin
Hockey Tattoo by Julian Gray
Hockey Tattoo by Marina Goncharova
Hockey Tattoo by @los_sanchez
Hockey Tattoo by Matt Cannon
Hockey Tattoo by Nicolas Smith
Hockey Tattoo by Sean Jaundice
Hockey Tattoo by Yana Migami
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