12 Structural Tattoos For Your Inner Architect

12 Structural Tattoos For Your Inner Architect

We live surrounded by architecture, so everyone knows the value of it! And if you are a tattoo lover you gotta love a good design!
So we came up with a list of 12 architectural structure designs to see if you can wake up your inner architect!
Floor-plan tattoo, via Angryarchi
Nothing says "I am an Architect" like a floor-plan tattoo.
All one line, by Axel Ejsmont
Spirals and Spirals, by Chris Alis
A big floor-plan! via Pinterest
Based on a sculpture by the famous Le Corbusier
The classi "Gold Spiral" symbol! by Matt Matik
Huge structure with the mountains in the background! by MXM
Another Modernist design inspired by Le Corbusier, via Pinterest
Beautiful sketch! by Taiom
Nice urbanism plans design, via Tattoo Magz
Cute townhouse design, via Tumblr
Nicely design! House tattoo via Twitter
For more architectural designs, check this out!
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