12 Venerable Angkor Tattoos

12 Venerable Angkor Tattoos

Angkor is one of the most breath-taking places in the world and travelers celebrates it with Angkor tattoos.
Cambodian culture is gorgeous and of course, one of its most popular touristic places is the temple complex of Angkor. Travellers enjoy the spiritual and venerable vibes of the monuments. But they can also pay a tribute to its beauty with Angkor tattoos. The Angkor Wat, one of the biggest temples, is a great source of inspiration. The khmer statues too, especially the face towers of the Bayon. Some tattoo collectors are recreating the stone aspect of the ruins, or get inspired by the soul of Angkor for more creative tattoos. Have you been there or do you dream to visit it? Get your dose of dream and beauty with these inspired Angkor tattoos...
Bayon statues are indeed coveted for Angkor tattoos. Please credit.
Please credit.
By Claudia Tattoo.
Impressive sleeve by Jin Tattoo.
Jun Cha celebrates Cambodian culture.
Angkor Wat by Lemur.
Artistic Bayon by Maroo.
Gorgeous tattoo by Nick Chaboya...
By Nu Aif.
Outstanding tattoo by Robert Pho!
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