13 Makeup Tattoo Ideas For Classy Ladies

13 Makeup Tattoo Ideas For Classy Ladies

Classy ladies carry their makeup around everywhere, in their purses, in their cars and at the office there's always that drawer!
We brought you this list so you can get inspired and take it to the next level! Ink that makeup you love and get some inspiration here!
Sweet wrist lipstick, via @looks_by_lexington
Beautiful black and grey work, by @xxsoberxx
By Abbey Saunders
Warpaint! by AMZ Kelso
I guess Svetlana likes the leopard lipstick! by CKI Tatuajes
Classic Sailor Jerry Lipstick, by Jay Kush
Amazing surrealistic piece, by King Koopa
Nothing goes better with makeup than a perfume and beautiful pocket mirrors! By Sarah K
Very elegant piece, by Sergio Chavez
Simple and cool, by Shannon Young
Proper for a princess! by Sophie Brown
Very creative! Artist Unknown
Cool placement for a great colourful piece! by Yaraní C. Crespo Rivera
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