13 Sensual Thigh Side Tattoos For Women

13 Sensual Thigh Side Tattoos For Women

Show off those lovely sides with thigh side tattoos that are bound to make those long legs miles longer with these sensual designs.

Thigh side tattoos aren't anything drastically new with thigh side pieces but it all goes down to placement when it comes to tattoos. There are designs that work with thigh sides and not with the frontal thigh view and vice-versa. Lucky us, there's a lot to choose from.

Mandala design is a good choice for beautiful side tattoo. Artist unknown. #mandala #blackwork #fineline #ornaments #sidetattoo
Colorful side tattoos are so impressive. This unicorn side tattoo by Miryam Lumpini #unicorn #color #ornaments #flower #animal #mandala
That's some sweet tribute for unicorns! Here's ours.
Awesome side tattoo by Ashkon #rose #eye #color
But really though, it all goes down to how good your artist is when it comes to the layout. Make sure you have a rocking design, too. We can help you with that.
Side tattoos can also be simple and minimalistic design. This cute seahorse by hongdam #delicate #blackwork #seahorse #animal #simple #hongdam
If you're feeling a little bit shaky with committing to a full thigh side tattoo, get something small like this little one here.
Colorful octopus tattoo by Andrew Marsh #octopus #color #sidetattoo #sealife
Get in touch with your psychedelic side by giving some psychedelic piece of art some space on your thigh side.
Snow White inspired tattoo by Aaron Odell #snowwhite #aaronodell #apple #hand
You ain't no Snow White with savage pieces like these, for sure.
Japanese koi fish can be a good design for side tattoo. Image via funkylemonade/Twitter #koi #japanese #sidetattoo #fish
Who says Japanese style tattoos' glory days are long gone? They can all suck it once they see your ravishing koi tattoo on your thigh side.
Side tattoos in neo traditional style look so awesome. This piece by Jeff Norton #neotraditional #floral #flower #portait #sidetattoo
But if you're with us on neotraditional, by all means go if it will look as sick as this.
Awesome traditional piece by Nick King #traditional #nickking
Can't go wrong with trads, baby! Can't. Go. Wrong.
Geometry inspired dotwork can be a good choice for your side tattoos. This piece by Glen Cuzen #dotwork #glencuzen #geometric
Some sexy geometric dotwork flower for your sexy side.
Nature inspired floral tattoo by Alice Carrier #floral #alicecarrier #flower
And while we're on the topic of flowers, why not go full force with it by getting something organic on your thigh side.
Floral side tattoos look so beautiful. Tattoo img via Tumblr #floral #flower #sidetattoo #blackwork #fineline

Or you may prefer something with black and grey. Feeling bold? Go big or go home.

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