14 Beautiful Dalmatian Tattoos

14 Beautiful Dalmatian Tattoos

We love the depth, character and colour in these varied dalmatian tattoos!
Dalmatians are gorgeous dogs known for their short, spotted coats. Athletic and strong, they can grow to be large, but are friendly, loyal and lovable in character.

We're not giving you 101 dalmatians this time, only 14 I'm afraid, but all in the form of lovely tattoos!

From the famous Disney movie characters, to realism images of pets, here are some tattoos of this beautiful dog breed that really caught our eye.
A Disney sleeve by Adam Guasta - featuring Aristocats, Frozen and 101 Dalmatians imagery.
101 Dalmatians tattoo by Instagram @alex13exodus.
Dalmatian print in her coat! It's the evil Cruella De Vil by Amanda Creek.
Lady and the Tramp, and 101 Dalmatians tattoos by Carly Baggins.
Tattoo by Craig Brown.
101 Dalmatians tattoo by Dave Shull.
In progress dalmatian tattoo by Bobby Tackett.
Colourful tattoo by Jina, Allday Tattoo.
Cruella illustration by tattoo artist Kim Scott.
Dalmatian portrait by Nebojsa Narancic Neso.
Cruella tattoo by Nicole Cairns.
Stunning realistic dalmatian tattoo by Rabbit Abby.
Bright, colourful tattoo by Rachel Baldwin.
Tiny dalmatians on the foot, tattoo by Tattooist Grain.