14 Delicious Wine Tattoos

14 Delicious Wine Tattoos

We love these different wine tattoos by artists from all over the world.
For some of us, wine is the centre piece of some of our best moments and memories. These brilliant wine tattoos could stand for prominent times in these people's lives, or just the love for this particular drink. What would we do without wine, in all its glory? If you make it to the end of this article, and not had to go and treat yourself to a glass, you've got more strength than I have!
Traditional colours in this wine tattoo by Alex Duquette. Photo: Instagram.
The two best things in the world - a skull and a glass of wine. By Carlos Cruz. Photo: Instagram.
Skeleton hand tattoo by Claire Dietrich Faulhaber. Photo: Instagram.
Vino bottle by Jon The Beard, Cat Tattoo, Addison. Photo: Instagram.
Skull wine bottle by Josh Darkly. Photo: Instagram.
Scottish whiskey, wine and thistle, by Laura Kennedy Timeless Tattoo, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Photo: Instagram.
Wine barrel and grapes by Manuel / Lover Ink Black Hole. Photo: Instagram.
Wine glass tattoo by Marco Condor. Photo: Instagram.
Excellent detail in this wine glass tattoo by Nazar Butkovski. Photo: Instagram.
Tattoo by ØRIØL / LASTMINVTE. Photo: Instagram.
Wine carafe by Paolo Ferrara. Photo: Instagram.
Behind the ear wine glass tattoo by Paul Hill. Photo: Instagram.
Me too, mate. Tattoo by Titos Rodriguez. Photo: Instagram.
Tattoo by Valentina Gastoldi. Photo: Instagram.
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