14 Magnificent White Tiger Tattoos

14 Magnificent White Tiger Tattoos

White tiger tattoos are a magnificent and striking alternative to the usual tiger tattoos!
White tigers are a pigmentation variant of the Bengal tiger and are an incredibly rare species. Only a few reports of wild white tigers exist, with the majority living in captivity. Compared to the normal Bengal Tiger white tigers are born bigger and grow to a larger and heavier size. For a white tiger to be born both parents have to carry the same unusual gene for the white coloring, such births only occur once in every 10,000 births!! White tiger tattoos are equally as rare with most people opting for the classic tiger with black stripes and orange fur.
Proud and majestic, white tiger tattoos are a striking design that is somewhat underrated. Tattooed in a number of different styles, from neo-traditional to Japanese, the white tiger is a great tattoo choice and are a standout image that will surely impress. Tiger tattoos never fail and these ones in white are testament to that.
by Avinit Tattoo
White Tiger Tattoo by Dan Sinnes
by Mick Gore
Artist: Adrian Edek
by Andrzej Lipczyński
White Tiger Tattoo by Chris Treviño
by Emmet Jace
Blueeyed white tiger by Jesse Pinette
White Tiger Tattoo by Tim McEvoy
White Tiger Tattoo by Joe Ellis
by Johan Bigfatjoe Ankarfyr
by Megumi Hatta
Neck piece by Mick Gore
by Shige
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