15 Awesome Tiger Shark Tattoos

15 Awesome Tiger Shark Tattoos

Tiger shark tattoos are not your normal shark tattoo design, instead they have a little more creative and artistic flair!
Tiger sharks are a solitary and fierce sea creature and one of the coolest sharks there is. When it comes to tiger shark tattoos however the design is more often than not heavily influenced by the sharks name over what it actually looks like. Tiger shark tattoos morph a tiger and shark into one intense looking creature and create some awesome tattoos in the process!
A bold and fierce design tiger shark tattoos combine the classic look and beauty of tiger tattoos and the power and shape of sharks. Bringing the two striking designs into one being, tiger shark tattoos are certainly an imaginative design that rarely stays true to the actual appearance of a tiger shark. So if wild and creative tattoos are what you like then these awesome tiger shark tattoos will most definitely by something for you to enjoy!!
by Duan Woo
Tiger Shark Tattoo by @mikkelpapp
by Andy Dobler
Tiger Shark Tattoo by Charles DeNise
Tiger Shark Tattoo by Curtis Burgess
by Danny Kalan
Tiger Shark Tattoo by Duan Woo
by Fat Chanse Tattooing
Tiger Shark Tattoo by HAVIT TATTOO
by Francesco Giamblanco
Tiger Shark Tattoo by Gordon Mccloud
by Scotty Karate
Tiger Shark Tattoo by James E. Haynes
by Jordy-O
Tiger Shark Tattoo by Julia Neely
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