15 Cool Wasp Tattoos

15 Cool Wasp Tattoos

If you're not scared of them, you will definitely enjoy the skills of these wasp tattoos!
You don't have to worry about allergies with wasp tattoos... But if they are too realistic, they can certainly awake your phobia! But you will certainly admire the talent they require.
Wasp tattoos can have many symbols, sharing cultural references to music, sports and fiction. Fictional character Lisbeth Salander is famous for her wasp tattoo. Science-fiction will surely be inspiration to some of the darkest wasp tattoos too. With their thin waist, they can also be seen as a symbol of feminity. They are associated with jewellery and nobility too. But to get one, you could also simply be a bug lover, enjoying their dynamic shape and cleverness.
Remember: these wasp tattoos won't sting, so enjoy their beauty!
New school by AJ Tattooist.
Sternum bug by Anastasia Stetsenko.
Nice colors by Andrew John Smith.
Stomach piece by Brittney Hernandez.
Damn! This 3D tattoo by Carlox looks real!
Beautiful one by Dean Coughlin.
Another sick 3D tattoo, by Gábor Zsilvölgyi.
Taking your Lisbeth Salander's inspiration to another level! By Goraj.
Scary realism by Krzysztof Stefan Baksymilian!
Dead wasp by Lauren Vandevier.
Stylish piece by Meaghan Goeb.
Cool neck tattoo by Nadi.
Eye-catching piece by Saga Anderson.
Geometric bug by Sven Rayen.
Impressive! Please credit.
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