15 Dark Scythe And Sickle Tattoos

15 Dark Scythe And Sickle Tattoos

If you are looking for sharp tattoo ideas, get inspiration from these rad scythe and sickle tattoos!
These two instruments are often mixed up. Both are agricultural tools but can be used as weapons. Scythe is associated with the Grim Reaper. It has a long handle with a huge blade, slightly curved. Sickle, in the other hand, has a short handle and a small blade, but way more curved. As all types of blades, scythe and sickle tattoos are very popular in traditional tattoo. The first ones for its death symbolism of course. Sickle tattoos are more complex. It's a bit esoteric, with connection to druids. It is also the symbol of working class, and, with a hammer, of Communism. But sometimes, the Grim Reaper prefers the short model for its lethal travels. A bit macabre, yes! But scythe and sickle tattoos can also be truly rad.
Traditional sickle tattoos are always mysterious. By Tyler Allen Kolvenbach.
Cool blackwork by Sad-Amish Tattooer.
By Neko Tattoo.
The classic ear scythe by MXW.
Bold face tattoo by Mewo Llama.
Do you know the meaning of the blood drops on traditional ink? By Marvin Diekmännken.
By Mark Tattooer.
Nice placement by Knife Hits.
Bold piece by Kelly Violence.
Gardener's tattoo? By Gristle.
Another one by Gristle.
Sick one by Gara!
The unique style of Eterno.
Badass weapon by Bruno Regianini.
Scythe and sickle tattoos are always badass. But this one by Andrew Davidov is an another level!
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