15 Darth Maul Tattoos For All You Sith Lords!

15 Darth Maul Tattoos For All You Sith Lords!

Check out some of the sickest tattoos featuring one of the baddest, raddest Sith lords in the Star Wars universe.
Art by Hammermeistar
Think we've had enough Star Wars ink already? Think again. The film buzz may have been wearing off and the hype moved onto something else (see: Deadpool) but we're not putting our lightsabers down any time soon! Not with rad tattoos like these that call on our inner Sith lords! We've got you covered, courtesy of The Force with some sweet Darth Maul tattoos right here.
by Andres Acosta
by Adam Davey
by Erin Chance
by Julian Bogdan
by Derek Turcotte
by Owen Rinehart
Anton Yellowdog
by Mirco is Dead
by Travis Parmeley
by perjtattoo
by Elliot Wells
by Nikko Hurtado
by dust-n-tedium/DeviantArt
by Dan Molloy
by Alan Ramirez
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