15 Delicious Ramen Tattoos To Warm Those Tummies

15 Delicious Ramen Tattoos To Warm Those Tummies

Because ramen solves everything. Or something like that. Ramen tattoos look funny and cool at the same time.
Ahhh, the ramen. For those of you who aren't too familiar with this Japanese go-to-dish that's best served not in plastic cups and packets, the ramen is simply a Japanese noodle soup dish. Quite sad that it's been reduced to the pick-up meal of mostly broke college students when they spent up most of their monthly allowance for booze and pot. All kidding aside, the ramen is a big part of Japanese culture—a staple dish Western people easily adapted and embraced. Can't blame them, the real thing is pretty damn good. Oh, the mouth-watering broth, the miso, the sliced pork add-ons...
Ramen Tattoo by Tania Zhang
by Wen Ramen
Kyla's tattoo od Pusheen helping itself with some ramen
Ramen Tattoo by Brynn Sladky
Taylor Johnson/Instagram
Ramen Tattoo by Donna Klein
by Alex Strangler
by Carlo Sohl
Nicole Draeger
by Wendy Pham
by szesu/Instagram
by Rafa Decraneo
by cycypunkero/Instagram
by Wendy Pham
by Justin Morcillo
Yep, you definitely deserve some good ramen tonight.
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