15 Dollar Sign Tattoo Designs

15 Dollar Sign Tattoo Designs

Dollar sign tattoos can go from a very baller tattoo to a funny one, pick the one you like and let the money come!
Supposedly, the dollar sign that we know came from the Spanish American Business Trade in the 1770's. The best hypothesis is that the sign with one stroke ($) indicates the merging of S and P, Spanish Peso. And the one with two strokes comes from merging U and S.
Flying money tattoo by @rickytat
Shiny dollar sign tattoo via @solostarska
Tattoo by Aja-Noelle
Black space dollar sign, done at the Detroit Ink Shop
Flaming it up! Tattoo by Ej Dat
Tattoo by Eric Amato
Nicely designed dollar sign, done at the Ink Therapy Studios
Tattoo by Jay Nyze at the Art of War Ink
Sprayed up piece! by Jim Joynt
Classic shaded sign, by Johnny Banx
Red and with thin lines, by Mark Naraine
Money and religion going side by side, by Ryan Whitt
Amazing simple 3D dollar sign tattoo by Sarah Mcdade
Engraved in the skin and some diamonds, done at the True Faith Tattoo Studio
This little guy at the palm of the hand, done at the True Visions Tattoo
Want to keep talking money? Check this out!
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