15 Epic Crow Tattoos And Their Meanings

Crow tattoos surely look badass, but what are the mythological stories behind them?
Crow tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs. They also complete many badass compositions, with skulls and other dark elements. Sure, they look cool. But are you sure to know all the myths associated with these black birds? Let's check our crow culture with some rad facts...
We all know Mumin and Hugin, the crows of Nordic god Odin. But did you know that crows often figured on the Vikings' and other Nordic people's banners? They were supposed to help predict the final issue of a battle. Waving in the wind, the crow banner was assuring victory.
If not...Indeed, they are associated with death. After all, they eat corpses... But they could be also psychopomps, deities or magic creatures guiding souls in the afterlife. In many cultures, crows are seen as ghosts or animal forms of magicians.
Creative piece by Alam Vinicius.
We love the black color of crows... But do you know that they are supposed to be white? After they failed to protect the love interest of Ancient Greece's god Apollo, he turned them black to punish them. In monotheist religions as well as North American legends, it is the Trickster we know. It inspired art, with popular references such as the Raven of Edgar Allan Poe.
Indeed, most of crow tattoos are inspired by the dark mythic side of the birds. But what legend do you like most? If you are looking for ideas to make your tattoo a reality, we have collected some interesting crow tattoos for you...
Epic sleeve by Darwin Enriquez!
Gorgeous chestpiece by Dave Santos!
This one by Frank Carillho.
Sick one by Gakkin...
Incredible double exposure tattoo by Growink, inspired by Andreas Lie.
Rad piece by Joshua Tenneson.
Elegant tattoo by Laura Yahna.
Majestic one by Oleksandr Minec.
Great piece by Piotr Bemben.
Genius tattoo by Robert Borbas...
Badass ink by Robert Borbas too...
You definitely need to check the portfolio of Robert Borbas for more epic crow tattoos...
Awesome piece by Staruch.
Norse tattoo by Uffe Berenth.