15 Groovy Amy Winehouse Tattoos

15 Groovy Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Fans pay a moving tribute to the late singer with gorgeous Amy Winehouse tattoos...
The talent of the idols is immortal. And, thanks to dedicated fans, their portraits also lives on, on their skin... Amy Winehouse will stay famous forever for her groovy soul tunes, her old-school look and tattoos, and for her freedom. We can regret the loss of music and this great artist, but we can comfort ourselves with touching Amy Winehouse tattoos. The fans of the late singer are inking her portrait. But she also inspires them for joyful tributes, from traditional tattoos to more graphic designs. Do you want to pay a tribute to the British icon too? Then check these cool examples of Amy Winehouse tattoos for inspiration and memories...
Traditional tribute by Aniela Frudiva.
Wicked one by Bart Janus.
Pretty piece by Diego Drako.
Lovely tribute by Emma Bundonis.
Graphic twist by Giovanni Despair.
Black and grey portrait by Hubert.
This one by Jamie Mahood.
Wine lover by José Luis Angel de Mayo.
Lovely portrait by Liz Cook.
Sleeve filler by Mario Hartmann.
Old school by Matthew Houston.
Mysterious one by Melissa Valiquette.
Awe-inspiring realistic tattoo by Nikko Hurtado...
Nice one by Pete TheThief.
Superb portrait by Rochelle Lintz.
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