15 Heart-Warming Mother Nature Tattoos

15 Heart-Warming Mother Nature Tattoos

We will be nothing without her, so let's pay a tribute to life with Mother Nature tattoos!
For centuries, human beings have admired nature. To celebrate the source of life and as the force that is creating and feeding us, it makes sense to represent nature as a mother.
Mother Nature tattoos are inspired by art, using allegories as references. Usually, the designs are picturing Nature as a gorgeous woman, whose body is made of natural elements. Mother Nature tattoos often have stag antlers too, since the stag is also a royal symbol of nature. Vegetals, fruits and animals are accompanying the goddess. Mother Nature tattoos can also be more cosmic, celebrating the whole Universe. Are you grateful for your life and for Earth? Then you will admire these Mother Nature tattoos...
By Amalie.
Gorgeous black and grey piece by Andrew Sussman.
Peaceful tattoo by Charly Huurman.
Creative tattoo by Dean Kalcoff.
Amazing realism by Dmitryi Samohin, inspired by a bodypainting by John Poppleton.
Bio organic tattoo made at Empire Tattoo.
New school by Emy Blacksheep.
Stunning piece by Ilya Fominikh.
Sweet one by Josh Grable.
Graceful portrait by Justin Harris.
Amazing tattoo by Liz Cook.
Cosmic Mother by Megan Jean Morris.
By Pooka.
Gorgeous piece by Randy Engelhard.
Sensual piece by Timothy Boor.
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