15 Splendid Pelican Tattoos

15 Splendid Pelican Tattoos

You will be inspired by these beautiful pelican tattoos. Big birds are made for big tattoos!
Pelicans are very symbolic birds. With their large size and beak, they have always impressed humans. In the Middle Age, people thought that they were feeding their babies with their own blood. This legend soon connected the bird with the image of the Christ. Pelicans became a symbol of faith and sacrifice. In Ancient Egypt, they were also protecting the soul of the deads.
Pelican tattoos are celebrating their unusual beauty. They are associated with water-themed designs as well as local pride. If you love these big birds, get some inspiration for big tattoos with our selection of gorgeous pelican tattoos...
Cool piece by Xoil.
Great one by Terry Grow.
Awesome new school by Tanane Whitfield.
Rad one by Rodrigo DC.
Intricate sleeve by Rachi Brains.
Gorgeous tattoo by Matt Halliday.
Colorful piece by Kel Tait.
Awesome one by Justin Olivier...
By Juju.
Fantastic piece by Jhon Rodriguez!
Fun one by Javier Rodriguez...
Watercolor tattoo by Dream Masters.
Lovely neo traditional piece by Dennis Bernhardt.
Bold blackwork by Daniel Baczewski.
Royal... By Dan Bones.
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