16 Creative Penguin Tattoos

You know you are funky when you sport some cool and creative penguin tattoos!
Penguins are very cool looking animals. Their awkward walk and social habits are making them really cute and fun. They also inspire artists for creative penguin tattoos! Between surrealism and poetry, they celebrate nature and humor. Indeed, some of them are biology-orientated. But all creative penguin tattoos are reminding us of childhood's universe and dreams. They are so adorable, you can not resist them: introducing some of the funkiest creative penguin tattoos out there!
Poetic piece by Akvark0.
Fun tattoo by Aygul Bayanova!
Bold one by Can Gurgul!
Great dotwork by Conio.
Graphic art by Dzo Lama.
Amazing dotwork by Kamil Czapiga!
Watercolor piece by Kel Tait.
Lovely family by Lizzie Cartwright.
Stylish piece by Lynsey McLoveheart.
Artistic tattoo by Marian Gogut.
Fun one by Meredith Little Sky.
Protect the penguins! By Michaella Schorr.
Minimalistic by Mongo.
Matching origami by Monkey Bob.
Creative piece by Nadi.
Funky snowboarder by Sasha Unisex.