16 Troubling Ladies By Alex Sorsa

16 Troubling Ladies By Alex Sorsa

Tattoo artist Alex Sorsa creates fascinating black and grey portraits of femmes fatales.
Mixed media artist Alexander Sorsa, most famous as Alex Sorsa, is based in Moscow, Russia. Both his illustrations and tattoos are breath-taking. They are focusing on enticing women, half way from realism and manga art. The black and grey portraits have indeed exaggerated features, inducing a bigger sex-appeal. Alex Sorsa's heroines often have a science-fiction or fantasy twist. These femmes fatales are frequently sexy vampires, bewitching priestesses or magnetic cyborgs... Fans of black and grey tattoos and female beauty will obviously be attracted by these fantastic portraits... You will often caught Alex Sorsa on international tattoo conventions or guests.
Great composition. Nature inspired realistic portrait tattoo
Hot Maleficent...
Vampiric Cara Delevingne tattoo
Exquisite tattoo
Nice WIP.
Girl with blue roses tattooed on the neck. Beautiful tattoo!
Mysterious queen tattoo
Magical portrait tattoo
Refined lady tattoo
Cara is turning into a full sleeve.
Charming and creative portrait tattoo
Great use of color. Abstract and realistic portrait by Alex Sorsa
Sci-fi goddess tattoo
Beautiful portrait tattoo by Alex Sorsa
Instant fav... Amazing realistic portrait!
You can admire more of his art on Facebook and Instagram.
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