18 Skateworthy Vans Tattoos

18 Skateworthy Vans Tattoos

Is there a trainer more iconic than Vans? Perhaps, but who cares because these Vans tattoos are awesome!
For 49 years, Vans has been a leader in the footwear business and made a name for itself as much more than a shoe maker. Strongly associated with the rise of skateboarding, Vans has sponsored a number of skate parks and today sponsors some of skateboarding's biggest names, it has also become the inspiration for some sweet tattoos! Whether you want a Half Cab, Era, Slip-On, Old Skool, Authentic, or Sk8-Hi it is bound to make an awesome tattoo!
Perfect for a filler design Vans tattoos look best in a bold traditional style and make a unique tattoo that will be the envy of many. Have a look at these skateworthy Vans tattoos and see why Vans has as much to offer in ink as it does in the world of shoes!
Vans Tattoo by Anderson Castaño Velez
Tattoo by Becci Boo
Vans Tattoo by Carlos Povar
Tattoo by Chris Hill
Tattoo by Sonny Scigliano
Tattoo by Lowlife Tattoo Company
Tattoo by Nastia Strizh
Vans Tattoo by Serhat Ünver
Tattoo by Gony Tattooer
Tattoo by Borderline Tattooz
Tattoo by Daniele Dazi
Tattoo by Gony Tattooer
Tattoo by Jeremy Selzer
Tattoo by John Mendoza
Vans Tattoo by Malik Kleinwort
Tattoo by Vicious Black Tattooing
Tattoo by Sam Riera Cole
Tattoo, uknown artist
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