18 Sweet and Succulent Strawberry Tattoos

18 Sweet and Succulent Strawberry Tattoos

They make great dessert toppings and milkshake flavors. And you know what else these berries are good for? Tattoos. Mmm...strawberry tattoos
by costamnaludziach/Instagram
Depends on who you're asking, strawberries are probably one of the sweetest or the sexiest fruits ever. In the unadulterated section, we've got Strawberry Shortcake and the scented dolls they sell in toy stores, strawberry milkshakes, the actual strawberry shortcake, and strawberry-scented shampoo. I love all those. While some people prefer their strawberries dipped in chocolate and sitting on their lover's unclothed bodies. Hmm.
Either way, I think we can all pretty much agree that everyone needs a wee bit of sweetness in their life. These people had other ideas when it comes to strawberries. Pretty sweet, if you ask us.
Strawberry tattoo by Cherry Buttons
by George von Asgard
by Carla Evelyn
Strawberry tattoo by maverick.irocker/Instagram
by missquart/Instagram
Realistic one done at Laser Monkey Tattoos
by Kiki B
by Michelle Maddison
Get a load of the kawaii madness in here!
Strawberry tattoo by zmrtattoo/Instagram
by Mark Mayhem
Sweetest death there is.
by Samantha Sam
Brad Bellomo/Facebook
Little Chloe's strawberry for daddy remains the sweetest strawberry tattoo there is for tattoo artist Brad Bellomo. Read their story here.
by Giovanna Raso
by Helga Hagen
Looks like these tattoo fans prefer their strawberries on both their skins and their desserts!
by Laura Exley
by Sugar Fox
Aww, these matching tattoos are too cute for words!
Strawberry tattoo by Jacek Minkowski
Still looking sickeningly sweet in black and grey.
by Barbara Kiczek
Looking for more ink goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth? Dig in here.
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