20 Extraordinary Fine-Feathered Anatidae Tattoos

20 Extraordinary Fine-Feathered Anatidae Tattoos

The Anatidae family includes ducks, geese and swans. Whether you choose neo-traditional, realistic or abstract...it will be beautiful!
Gorgeous full back mix of realism and watercolor by Gene Coffey
Realistic Mallard duck tattoo by Cecil Porter
Abstract Wood duck tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Mandarin ducks by Heath Nock
Charming neotraditional by Pony Stephenson
Left and right forearms by Sasha Unises
Beautiful in-flight imagery by Ron Russo
Abstract Mandarin duck by Piotr Gie
Hyperrealistic duckling tattoo by Dave B
Beautiful Mallard duck composition by Matt Barratt-Jones @oddboytattoo
Artistic design by Marie Kraus
Neotraditional design by Steve Martin
Watercolor abstract by Royal Jafarov
Realistic Mallard in-flight by Nate The Knife
Fun Mallard design by Sirius Tattoo
Wood duck in-flight by Steve Phipps
Neotraditional Mallard duck design by Joe Ellis
Gorgeous realistic Mallard duck nature scene by Jesse Rix
Wood duck realism by Marc Skiles
Awesome little duckling by Amanda Wachob
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