20 Mischievous Blackwork Cat Tattoos

20 Mischievous Blackwork Cat Tattoos

Unleash the crazy cat lady in you and try not to go mad over these adorable cats and kittens tattooed in a lovable blackwork style.
by Susanne König
If there's anything I love more than cats, it's blackwork tattoos. And we're talking a different game when it's blackwork cat tattoos by Susanne König. Nothing's ever the same again once it's drawn by König.
Of all the ways you can give the resident feline at home some love, blackwork is a good way to go. We've been trying to tell you for ages!
Sailor cat tattoo #SusanneKönig
Tiny filler of a smug-looking cat #SusanneKönig
Three chubby cats forming a pyramid, sweet cat pyramid tattoo #SusanneKönig
Sad clown cat tattoo #SusanneKönig
Adorable cat and mouse tattoo #SusanneKönig
Cat tattoo #SusanneKönig
Anatomical heart and cat portrait tattoo #SusanneKönig
Awesome cat portrait tattoo #SusanneKönig
This amused me more than it should have.
Cat family tattoo #SusanneKönig
Cat tattoo #SusanneKönig
Cat musician tattoo #SusanneKönig
Frida Kar-lo #SusanneKönig
Fisher-cat #SusanneKönig
Pablo Pi-cat-o #SusanneKönig
Glorious flower cat tattoo #SusanneKönig
For more whimsical works by Susanne König, there's more here.
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