20 Unconventional Rubber Duck Tattoos

20 Unconventional Rubber Duck Tattoos

The rubber duck-shaped floating icon may have served as our first bathing companion. As an original tattoo idea it takes on its own persona.
Cyborg Rubber Duck by Daniel Pokorny Tattoo
Bondage Rubber Ducky by Evil Little Blue
Halloween Frankenstein Duck Tattoo By Jen
Tuxedo Rubber Duck by Apryl Triana
Bejeweled Rubber Ducky by George Perham
Original neotraditional Rubber Duck by Burnout Ink Tattoo
M&M riding a rubber ducky by Ben Reiter
Rubber Duck 3D Glasses by Jon Longstaff
Batman Rubber Duck by Calvin Von Crush
Punk Rubber Ducky tattoo drawing by Jordan Campbell
Flying Ace Rubber Duck by Kamran Goudarzi
Saint and Devil Rubber Ducks by Adrian Dominic
Xray Ducky by Aaron Johnson
Zombie Rubber Ducky by Jeremy Miller
Rubber Ducks Surfing by Elefante Tattoo, Uruguay
Pirate Rubber Duck by Lonny Morgan
Cowboy Rubber Duck by Chris Block
Anatomy Rubber Duck found on 3d-hd-tattoos.com
Sailor Rubber Duck found on RedlineTattooShop
Could not resist this adorable standard Rubber Ducky by Andy Barrett
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